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Ronn Banks Purchases An Undisclosed Stake In REVOLT! Pro Combat

One of the most influential and impactful men in the history of the business, Ronn Banks, has made a major investment into the future of REVOLT! Pro Combat. Founder Mike Silver and Ronn Banks has been seen on several occasions leaving the same vicinities at similar times, it is now safe to say we know why. After several talks and negotiations that lasted for weeks, the deal is official and Ronn Banks is now on board with the revolt. This is a move that helps the growth of REVOLT! as it has already paid dividends. The Ronn Banks co-sign has REVOLT! in touch with some of the industry’s biggest names. Rumor has it that a television deal is on it’s way, as information is confirmed, more big news will be announced soon.


-Wave Meltzer, Fight Grid correspondant