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REVOLT! Pro Combat is a wrestling startup company founded by Mike Silver. Growing up, Silver was an avid wrestling fan, whose entrepreneurial spirits and love for the sport inspired him to start his own company. He cites the drastic changes in the current product of wrestling as the inspiration behind REVOLT! Pro Combat.

REVOLT! was a way to bring the industry back to something he once loved, as he found out that there were plenty of fans like himself who longed for a superior watching experience. Silver’s disappointment in what he felt the wrestling industry had become is what inspired him to create the product he and others wanted. He attributes the decline to the monopolized market, and saw REVOLT! as a chance to make a new product that goes against the grain and shakes the foundations of the industry. What started out as just a few local shows at night lounges would turn into a viral sensation, with the venue sizes growing with every show. Viral campaigns helped grow the brand’s presence, eventually leading to its first show outside of its base in New York City.

REVOLT! Rebellion was held in Philadelphia, making it the first show outside of its home base. This event helped REVOLT!’s presence on social media grow exponentially, as a match headlined and won by Kieran McGinnis went viral with clips spreading through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook garnering over 500,000 impressions. REVOLT! would have its first taste of mainstream fame and enter the radars of some of the biggest names in the business—one being Ronn Banks. Banks took a liking to the show and decided to become the company’s first major investor, which led to huge growth in its fanbase, and a television deal with FS1.

Following the announcement of the deal, REVOLT! opted to make Rebellion its weekly show, airing every Sunday at 8 PM. Some of the biggest names in the industry have signed on to be a part of the revolution, as well as some new names that are sure to make names for themselves.


01 How Are Promos Judged?

Promos are judged based on overall quality. Key factors would be match relevancy and character portrayal. We look to see if your promo(s) relate to the storyline, mention your opponent, and/or demonstrate character progression. Promos must include clear and concise points—we don’t put a huge emphasis on being overly lengthy, but if that’s your prerogative then go for it. Additionally, promoing multiple times a week increases your chances at winning. However, posting more promos doesn’t guarantee an automatic win. It ultimately comes down to who posted the better promo.

02 Why Do We Use A Weight Class System?

The weight class system was put into effect so that every championship in REVOLT! Pro Combat is on equal footing. No one championship is more important than any other. In a traditional tiered-championship federation, the Heavyweight Championship is generally regarded as the most prestigious and is given the main event almost be default. Here, the caliber of competitors in the match as well as the level of overall interest in the feud will be factors in determining the main event.


NOTE: The weight class system doesn’t apply to the Women’s or Tag Team Championship divisions.

03 Can I Change Weight Classes?

You absolutely can.


NOTE: Please keep in mind however, even though this is fantasy we do like to keep some sense of realism. For instance, if you sign up, take Big Show as your picture base and make yourself 450 pounds and then after a little while decide you want to go after the Lightweight Championship, that would mean you would have to drop over half of your body weight… which just isn’t realistic. We’ve made it so that there’s only a 30 pound difference between the minimum weight for a heavyweight and the maximum weight for a lightweight which means the overwhelming majority of picture bases will be able to fit in whichever weight class you want to be in, but of course there are some exceptions.

04 Will Weight Classes Prohibit Characters From Advancing In The Card?

No. Your weight class does not determine your position on the card or hinder your advancement. In fact it’s one of the main reasons we’ve done away with the standard tiered-championships. Also, keep in mind that for non-title matches and feuds, your weight doesn’t matter.

05 What Are The Promo Requirements/Deadlines?

You can promo as much as you want throughout the week as long as your opponent responds within the first 24 hours from your last promo. If your opponent doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you can then post another promo. The promo deadline for every show is 11:59 EST the day before the show.

06 Are There Reserved/Retired Picture Bases?

Picture bases can be reserved by asking a staff member to reserve it for you. Since this is a brand new federation, there are no retired picture bases, REVOLT! is a different entity from other places therefore whatever a person did somewhere else under a specific picture base has no merit here.

07 Can I Have Multiple Characters?

While aren’t allowed to have multiple male or female characters, you ARE however allowed one character per gender. Since we are just opening up, at the very least to start off these will be the regulations regarding alternate characters and they may change as we continue to grow. As of now though, we would like to provide everybody who joins the option to choose from the plethora of good picture bases that will be available. Once things get settled and more established we will open the door for alternate characters of the same gender.