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Prestige Ladder 1

The Prestige Rankings will serve as REVOLT’s weekly ranking system, scaling the top 10 competitors in the whole company on a weekly basis. Their position on this list will depend on the impact, or lack thereof they’ve made on the shows. This list will also serve as an indication for the race to our end of the year MVP award.


1. Andrei Sokolova – Andrei comes in at number one on this weeks list following a decisive and dominant win in a highly touted champion vs champion contest. Just one week after defeating a fellow heavyweight division contender, he made light work of our Middleweight Champion. Winning has started to become a common theme for our Heavyweight Champion and he looks to carry on that momentum ahead of what will certainly be his biggest challenge yet, The Revenant.


2. Sienna Jade – Sienna’s quest to become the biggest star in this industry has certainly been going according to plan as she’s been able to capture the Freeweight Championship and continuously find ways to win. With a newly formed alliance with Kassidy Heart, her dominance over the division only looks to grow even stronger.

3. Maximus Grier – Maximus’ start as Welterweight Champ has not gotten off to as hot of a start as he’d have hoped for, but Maximus still finds himself at number 3 on this weeks rankings. Having not just one, but TWO people gunning for your championship at once is not the ideal situation to be in but if he’s shown us anything it’s that he knows how to step up in big fight situations. He’ll need to continue showing us that if he wants to keep a high spot on this list.

4. Liquid Swords – Two of this industry’s most decorated legends ever would know a thing or two about prestige. Liquid Swords finds themselves on the top half of this weeks rankings after individually defeating two of REVOLT’s biggest names. If they continue to show the same consistency that they have over the past decade, don’t be surprised to see them rise even further.

5. Hurricane Hawk – Hurricane Hawk’s career has been on a huge resurgence(no pun intended) as of late. From capturing the Light Heavyweight Championship, to uniting with Ms. Extreme and forming the tandem of Legacy Killas, he’s been able to keep his name in the light. A huge but controversial win over Liquid Swords and then managing Ms. Extreme to victory finds Hawk at number five this week.

6. Chris Elite – Chris Elite may have came up short at REVOLT 1 but he certainly hasn’t let that knock him off of his game. A win last week alongside his Blicky Boy partner Malcolm Jones puts Big Bloody Bhris at six this week. If he continues to rise they won’t be able to deny him a rematch for much longer.

7. Lexi Sheckler – Lexi Sheckler had her first taste of defeat last week on Resurgence, and even then it was on her own terms. Sheckler has refused to conform for anyone and it’s gotten her as far as it has so far. The official number one contender has all of the momentum on her side ahead of her matchup against Sienna Jade for the Freeweight Championship. A victory there can easily have her rise up the ranks here.

8. TLA – TLA made his mark in REVOLT by becoming the number one contender to Maximus’ Welterweight Championship. He’s surely getting his groove back to become the TLA we all know and love, and that’s not a good thing if you’re Maximus Grier.

9. Prince of Phenomenal – POP has made his presence felt around REVOLT after returning and declaring his intentions, he validated those claims by knocking off Maximus Grier who is a champion in this company. POP has experienced being on the absolute mountaintop of this industry and if he can perform at that level on a consistent basis, it’s only a matter of time until he once again reaches it. His next true test comes against another champion in this company in Mr. DEDEDE, not only can that secure a match against Stone Murdock, but it can show that he still IS the real deal.

10. Stone Murdock – Our Middleweight Champion comes in at ten this week looking to bounce back soon. He is normally on his A-game, but last week wasn’t his week after a confrontation with POP and then competing in his contest with Andrei Sokolova to a losing effort. However, if we know Stone like we have come to know him, there will be hell to pay and he will show us why he is the champion in the first place.

Be on the lookout for: Reginald Dampshaw III, The Revenant, Jason Skilled, Malcolm Jones, Kassidy Heart