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Prestige Ladder 2

The Prestige Rankings will serve as REVOLT’s weekly ranking system, scaling the top 10 competitors in the whole company on a weekly basis. Their position on this list will depend on the impact, or lack thereof they’ve made on the shows. This list will also serve as an indication for the race to our end of the year MVP award.

1. Sienna Jade – Sienna Jade lands herself at the top of this weeks list after defeating the debuting Layla Lockhart on Resurgence. Defending your turf against all challengers comes with being champion, and you’re expected to be successful at it on a consistent basis, which she has managed to do thus far.

2. Maximus Grier – Maximus Grier moves up one spot after a big win over The Legacy Killas alongside Kassidy Heart. The Welterweight Champ bounced back from the prior weeks loss in tag team action.

3. Andrei Sokolova – The Heavyweight Champ unfortunately drops down two spots this week due to a loss to Reginald Dampshaw, but to his credit it took some illegal tactics to take him down. He’s going to need to be more assertive and on high alert going forward in order to avoid future instances of this, especially if he plans on successfully defeating The Revenant.

4. Liquid Swords – The legendary duo of Mr. DEDEDE and Impact stay in place this week despite an unsuccessful match against Prince of Phenomenal, they were able to make a big impact on the show by getting the incompetent referee fired and potentially may have another dance with The Legacy Killas in their future.

5. Prince of Phenomenal – In what may have very well been a career defining night, Prince of Phenomenal makes the biggest jump this week into the top five. Not only did he capture the Middleweight Championship in an impromptu match early in the night. He went on and showed that the victory was no fluke as he would then defeat Mr. DEDEDE in a head to head match up. Any doubts about whether Prince of Phenomenal still has it can finally be put to rest, as he made his mark here in REVOLT on the last Rebellion.

6. Lexi Sheckler – An absolutely dominating win against Elisa Stafford in singles action has the number one contender to the Freeweight Championship at number six. If she keeps this momentum she can easily continue to rise. A date with Sienna Jade a month from now will tell the tale.

7. Hurricane Hawk – Hurricane Hawk suffers a drop this week, losing to Maximus Grier & Kassidy Heart alongside Ms. Extreme was not the ideal position to be in. They’ll have to get back in the winning column ASAP.

8. Chris Elite – Chris Elite’s inactivity over the past week has him slipping a bit. He wasn’t in any singles action in the past week, however, he has a huge match up against Prince of Phenomenal next week that could easily shoot him up in this list with a victory.

9. TLA – TLA put up a great effort against the number one contender to the Heavyweight Championship, however it wasn’t enough as he fell to defeat. He’ll look to bounce back from that sooner than later in order to build momentum ahead of a matchup against Maximus Grier.

10. The Revenant – The Revenant officially enters this weeks list after being left off of last weeks. A huge victory over TLA finds him creeping onto the ladder and if he keeps this energy in the weeks going forward with his encounters with Andrei Sokolova, the champ will be in for a long ride.

Be on the lookout for: Reginald Dampshaw III, Jason Skilled, Kassidy Heart, Malcolm Jones, Ms. Extreme