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Prestige Ladder 3

The Prestige Rankings will serve as REVOLT’s weekly ranking system, scaling the top 10 competitors in the whole company on a weekly basis. Their position on this list will depend on the impact, or lack thereof they’ve made on the shows. This list will also serve as an indication for the race to our end of the year MVP award.

1. Sienna Jade – Sienna Jade reclaims her top spot on this weeks ladder after successfully defeating two competitors alongside her partner Kassidy Heart. While the aftermath of the situation wasn’t quite ideal, she managed to make her mark where it mattered most.

2. Andrei Sokolova – The Heavyweight Champ moves up a spot following an easy victory last week. Him and his then partner but future opponent, The Revenant, both took turns in trying to outdo one another by displaying their dominance. A true marking down of territory. However, the only way to really find out who the more dominant competitor is will be during their big matchup.

3. Maximus Grier – Maximus Grier moves down a spot due to not competing in the past week. He did however hold his ground when Chris Elite invaded his contract signing.

4. Prince of Phenomenal – The Middleweight Champion has been on a huge roll since making his reintroduction to REVOLT, knocking off Mr DEDEDE and capturing the Middleweight Championship both in one night, and then defeating Chris Elite to follow that up this week.

5. Liquid Swords – In the fifth spot we have the Liquid Swords who’s team work helped propel Impact to a win against VIP on Rebellion. It also helped them get an upper hand over The Legacy Killas in the process.

6. Lexi Sheckler – Lexi picked up a statement victory over the rising star Riley McCray, she looks to keep that momentum going into her matchup against Sienna Jade in the main event of REVOLT 2.

7. Hurricane Hawk – With his partner Ms. Extreme by his side, The Legacy Killas were able to secure another easy victory on Resurgence. Rebellion didn’t quite go their way however with the ambush suffered from Liquid Swords.

8. Chris Elite – Despite a losing effort against Prince of Phenomenal on Resurgence which he has nothing to be ashamed of, Chris Elite stays put this week as he regrouped and made his presence felt in a major way the following day on Rebellion. They say “closed mouths don’t get fed” and Chris Elite came to eat this past Sunday as he showed up with the whole Brooklyn and forced himself into the Welterweight Championship match at REVOLT 2, now it’s up to him to back it up.

9. The Revenant – The Revenant’s dominance was on full display at Rebellion alongside his future opponent Andrei Sokolova. Bo Maro may have called him off in order to avoid a confrontation right then and there, but if he managed to have that energy bottled up and saved for the right time, our Heavyweight Champion is going to be in for a long night.

10. TLA – The Latin Assassin did not compete in the past week but he closed out the show in a contract signing that was interrupted by Big Bloody Bhris. If he doesn’t want his thunder to get stolen thus dropping him from the ladder, he’s going to have to make a big statement soon.

Be on the lookout for: Reginald Dampshaw III, Jason Skilled, Kassidy Heart, Malcolm Jones, Ms. Extreme