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REVOLT Goes Sneaker Shopping With Malcolm Jones

(The scene opens to Allen Livingston standing inside of a sneaker store)

Allen Livingston: Wassup everybody, we’re here in the heart of New York City at one of the biggest sneaker stores in the world, Flight Club! In this show we’ll be going to various sneaker and shoe stores around the country where we’ll get to know a little bit about your favorite REVOLT outside of the ring. Sneaker shopping is an essential hobby for a lot of stars in this company, whether it be for them to wear the sneakers they get, to add to a collection, or even to wrestle in them! That’s why it’s only right we start the series off with one of the biggest sneakerheads in the industry.. “The Wave” himself, Malcolm Jones!

(Malcolm Jones steps into the frame posing for the camera, then he daps up Allen)

Malcolm Jones: Glad to be here, I can’t wait to get this thing started.

Allen Livingston: It’s great to have you, but before we start I just wanna ask you a few questions about your love for sneakers and where it started. So what was your first pair of sneakers that made you really feel like you were the man?

Malcolm Jones: The Air Jordan Chrome 8’s, I rocked them shits to school and got more attention than I ever did in my life up to that point.

Allen Livingston: At what point did you realize that this was a lifestyle you’d like to further explore and become essentially a sneakerhead?

Malcolm Jones: I wanna give you a little backstory so bare with me. Basically I grew up poor so I wasn’t getting a lot of fly sneakers as a kid, it wasn’t until my preteens when I started making a name for myself in the sports scene that a lot of coaches who would want me to play for their teams or whatever would try to lure me in or bribe me with gifts and incentives. So I mean of course I played their game, a young kid like me who was rocking hand me downs from my older brother because my mom had to work 3 jobs just to keep the lights on, there wasn’t a lot of room for her to get us nice things so I took them up on their offers. I guess you can say I “earned” my nice things by working hard and outshining everybody on the court and field. My bad for the sob story I ain’t tryna garner sympathy or anything but I basically say that to say this, when I was 12 years old in 2003 this coach got me a pair of those very Chrome 8’s JUST to play on his travel team that summer. I rocked them to school the next day and had everybody jocking me and thats when I knew this was something special and I wanted to be popular so I made sure to get better in sports so I can keep getting fly stuff. It wasn’t till high school that I realized my athletic talents could do more than just get me fly stuff, but also get me out of the hood.

Allen Livingston: So basically… your love for sneakers came as an extension of your love for sports and the coaches who wanted you on their team bribed you by buying you nice things.

Malcolm Jones: Facts. Shit I hope that’s not snitching.

Allen Livingston: Nah you’re good as long as it wasn’t an NCAA coach. So tell me MJ, if you could name your top 5 sneakers of all time, what would they be?

Malcolm Jones: Ight so top 5 in order I’d have to go with….

5. Pink Foamposites

4. Reebok Question

3. Air Jordan Johnny Kilroy 9

2. Air Jordan Space Jam 11

1. Air Jordan Flu Game 12

That’s my list, I’d say they all pretty much came out during a significant part in my life and I’ve either had my best games as a youth in those sneakers or I got the most bitches with them on.

Allen Livingston: Not a bad list at all… let’s get started shall we?

Malcolm Jones: Esskeettit.

(The two walk around the store and Malcolm stops at a pair of Timberlands)

Malcolm Jones: Now you might as well just revoke my NYC pass if I went shopping for shoes and ain’t cop a pair of these. These might be my 10th pair this winter alone, I got a pair of timbs for every different occasion in different flavors.

(They keep walking and come across a pair of Off White Nike Vapormax)

Malcolm Jones: These joints fire right here.. definitely copping.

Allen Livingston: I notice you got a pair from the Off White collection, what did you think about that drop?

Malcolm Jones: Loved it. I have a few pairs actually, I rocked the Off White Jordan 1s on an episode of NEO a few months back but them uncultured swines had no idea the kinda sauce that was in front of them.

(Malcolm looks around some more and stops at a pair of Chinese New Year Jordan 6s)

Malcolm Jones: These here… is something different, I need these too.

(Allen Livingston stops at a pair of sneakers before asking Malcolm to come over)

Allen Livingston: When you see these.. what comes to mind?

(Allen shows Malcolm a pair of Big Baller Brand ZO2 kicks custom made for CM Banks put up for sale for $10,000 where the proceeds will go to charity)

Malcolm Jones: I love it, I fuck with the vision. I know the Ball fam gets a lot of flack but they’re doing it their way. And shout out to Banks for being the first person to partner up with them too.

(Malcolm Jones and Allen start going around the store, as Malcolm starts racking up several pairs including the Gold Toe 1’s, the Playstation PG2’s, the BHM Kyrie 4’s, and the Blue Tint Yeezys)

Allen Livingston: Okay this is the segment of the show where we play a game. I want you to take a look a these sneakers I show you and compare them to a fellow wrestler. Okay first we have these.

Malcolm Jones: Ah man the Payless Shaqs. I’d compare them to Maximum Grier, those the sneakers parents get their kids when they can’t afford to get the real air forces then they go to school and get clowned for rocking that trash. That’s basically Maximum.

Allen Livingston: What about these?

Malcolm Jones: Oh that’s definitely the Liquid Swords! The quintessential white dad shoe for the quintessential white dads of wrestling. They prolly rock those while dropping their kids off to soccer practice in the van, and to go to stuff people their age do, like play golf or something. They prolly rock those to go mow the lawn with and blow their hip out in the process. They prolly rock those to get their routine prostate exam. Old ass bozos.

Allen Livingston: What about these?

Malcolm Jones: The Chicago 10s, that’s a no brainer, Astraea better.

Allen Livingstone: A lot of people don’t know, but you wrestle in a pair of Guiseppe’s on a nightly basis, if you had to switch it up and go with any pair of sneakers in this store, what would you go with?

Malcolm Jones: The Gold Toe 1’s for sure, probably a little more comfortable to wrestle in since its originally an athletic shoe, and still true to the gold colorway. Alright, I think I got pretty much everything I want out of here, everything else in this store I been had. Excuse me miss.. can I have all these sneakers.. in a size 14 😉

(A beautiful Dominican store associate lady appears, she obliges as her eyes light up and she goes to the back to get the sneakers)

(Moments later she comes back out with them at the cash register)

Off White Nike Vapormax – $1,800
Air Jordan Gold Toe 1 – $335
Nike PG2 ‘Playstation’ – $900
Nike Kyrie 4 BHM – $250
Air Jordan 6 ‘Chinese New Year’ – $310
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Blue Tint’ – $575
Construction Timberlands – $200

Store Associate: Your total will be $4,370.

(Malcolm takes his MCM bag off of his back and pulls out a big stack of hundreds and places it on the counter)

Malcolm Jones: That’s fine sis we don’t look at the price tag over here we just cop it and keep it pushing. Keep the change.

Store Associate(clearly impressed): Will that be all?

Malcolm Jones: I’ll take your phone number too.

(The associate blushes as she lowkey writes it down on the back of the receipt so she doesn’t seem thirsty on camera)

Allen Livingston: That about wraps it up for todays edition and the first ever episode of REVOLT Goes Sneaker Shopping, stay tuned for the next one because you never know who else we might have.

(Malcolm Jones salutes the camera as the camera fades to black)