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REVOLT! Pro Combat Introduces A New Show

REVOLT’s relationship with Fox has already started off on a great note as the network is preparing to launch what was going to be considered the flagship show on their FS1 network. After seeing the overwhelming buzz that the company has generated thanks in part to the Terminal 5 event that led to the venue being packed to capacity, as well as several fans who didn’t make it inside but still waited in a line that wrapped around blocks in a cold New York City afternoon. While Fox looks to strike while the iron is hot, REVOLT wants another platform to showcase the influx of talent they’ve signed, which is why both parties have come to an agreement on a second show that will air on FS2, Saturday Night Resurgence will air on a weekly basis at 8PM EST. REVOLT chairman Mike Silver was quoted following the announcement saying “Resurgence will serve as not a secondary brand for REVOLT, but as something that is every much as important to the company as Rebellion, which is why the first ever televised REVOLT show will be Saturday Night Resurgence”. Several big names have already been confirmed for the premiere show including Aria Jaxon, Chris Elite, Diamond Cage, and Hurricane Hawk, with more to be announced very shortly.



– Wave Meltzer, Fight Grid Correspondant