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Lexi Sheckler

With 13 years experience as a professional wrestler and a diagnosed sociopath, Lexi is well-known as the notoriously opinionated instigator who will ruffle feathers with just about anybody without any trace of empathy; She loves to scrap and will always aim to have more enemies than friends. A dedicated chain-smoker, recreational drug and alcohol user and occult enthusiast, Lexi possesses a darker wit that sheds light on some of the more mentally unstable athletes; she was born into and operates on the belief that she is not and was never fully human and that part of her body is a killing machine created for carrying out acts of violence. Though you’ll never hear her brag about her various previously held titles or just how much of a “badass” she can be, the very heavy essence she carries around with her is what tends to scare people away. If you’re a more aggressive personality looking for a good ol’ back and forth chirp fest with your morning coffee, look no further – Lexi aims to crush.