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Terminal 5 Popup Shows Cards Announced!

As revealed yesterday, REVOLT will be holding a promotional two day popup exhibition show for the public’s viewing, free admission! Both of these shows will be taking place at Terminal 5 in Manhattan, NY. Doors open at 4:00 PM sharp, attendance is on a first come first serve basis and doors close when we reach capacity. This event is for all ages. The event will not be televised on Fox Sports 1 or any other network for that matter, but the matches will be available for your viewing pleasure here on Fight Grid. Here at Fight Grid, we get all of the information first, and we now know what the matches will be for these shows. The cards for each day are as listed:

Day 1:

Kieran McGinnis vs Nobi
Jacob Steele vs TLA
The Revenant vs Alistair vs Charles Dawson Wenthington vs Stone Murdock

Day 2:

Diotoir Doran vs Reginald Dampshaw III
Osiris vs Maximus Grier
Sienna Jade vs Nina Sanada