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Welterweight Championship Bracket Revealed!

As announced by Talib Bari earlier tonight on the Resurgence premiere, the entire Welterweight division will be partaking in a tournament to determine the division’s first ever champion! This will be done in unique fashion, but you should expect nothing less from a Talib Bari creation. There will be 8 matches to kick off round 1 and it will progress by round each week until the finals take place at a special event. The first round matches are announced on the bracket, four matches will take place prior to both Rebellion and Resurgence but they will not be televised on the weekly programming as a part of the show. They will however be posted live here on Fight Grid so be sure to check back often! It has also been announced that two competitors moved down in weight classes in order to participate in this tournament, “The Vision” Osiris, Christopher Orion, and Desmond Suttcliffe respectively. Osiris however gets an automatic bye into the second round due to his opponent forfeiting from the tournament prior to it’s announcement. See you next week for the tournament!


-Wave Meltzer, Fight Grid Correspondent