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Welterweight Championship Round 1 – Chris Elite vs Desmond Sutcliffe

(Bella Braxton is shown in the middle of the ring as it showcases the screaming REVOLT! Pro Combat universe on their feet.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is a Welterweight Championship tournament match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(‘Run Rabbit Run’ by The Hoosiers begins to play as Desmond strolls out as the lights fade down and only an orange glow is seen. Desmond sways to the beat of the song as he gives a sadistic smile to the camera. He begins to make his way to the ring.)

Bella Braxton: Residing in London, England… Weighing in at 234 lbs… He is “Your Lord and Master”… DESMOND SUTCLIFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Rich Russillo: The way he sways up and down that ramp with such confidence presented in his demeanor is mesmerizing, to say the least.

James Peters: Desmond appears ready to brawl as he settles in his corner and fixates his attention to the ramp. Awaiting his opponent.

(The music fades as the lights dim. Suddenly, ‘Down and Out’ by Camron ft Kanye West begins to blast throughout the arena as Chris Elite emerges from the back. The fans get on their feet and cheer as Chris Elite walks down the ramp, high fiving ringside fans in the process.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent … Residing in Brooklyn, New York… Weighing in at 210 lbs… THE GAWD. GIVEN. GREATNESS… CHRIS… EEEEEEEELITEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Peters: Chris Elite is the clear fan favorite tonight, Rich. These people are on their feet BEGGING to get a glimpse of Mr. Blicky himself.

Rich Russillo: Hey, Peters, do you notice that oddly shaped bulge in Elite’s trunks? Toilet paper, perhaps?!

James Peters: I’m not staring at people’s crotches all day so I can’t help you out on that one.

(Chris stands near Bella Braxton as he winks towards her direction. Bella blushes as Desmond interrupts and demands Chris to get on his knees and to obey his Lord and Master .)

Chris Elite: Nah, but ya mom’s gonna be doing the same thing to me later tonight.

James Peters: Oh, looks like Desmond did not like that comment as he SHOVES Chris Elite! Chris Elite quickly confronts Desmond as they go head-to-head but the referee is demanding for both opponents to go to their respective corners! Finally, after a few seconds of struggling both men comply. The referee seems to have everything under control and now this matchup can officially begin!


Rich Russillo: What a wuss that Chris Elite is, Peters. He didn’t have to go as far as to insult his mother!

James Peters: It appears as if Desmond did not take the comment lightly as now both men are staring one another down menacingly. Christ takes a step back and smiles as he raises his hand in the air.

Rich Russillo: Is he gonna begin to wave ‘em like he just don’t care?!

James Peters: Rich, are you drunk?! But no, it appears as if Elite is wanting to play a game of strength with Desmond. Desmond hesitates but complies as he, too, puts his hand in the air. Both hands interlock as Desmond quickly twists it down causing for Elite to wince in slight discomfort. Both men are now circling one another down as Chris attempts to get out of the lock but to no avail.

Rich Russillo: Hit the gym, twerp!

James Peters: You may want to not be so loud, Rich, I think Chris just heard you! Chris is now focusing on my broadcast colleague Rich over here, who may I add, is beginning to get fidgety and antsy. Desmond lets go of the lock as he successfully executes an arm drag on Chris Elite. Chris is launched to the other side of the ring but quickly rises to his feet. The fans begin to boo as Desmond is clearly feeling himself at this very moment! Desmond is giving a sadistic smile as Chris Elite gives him a cocky smirk in return! Both men are on opposite sides of the ring but quickly decide to meet in the middle as they begin to charge! Desmond and Elite lock up as Desmond whips Chris Elite towards the ring ropes. Chris Elite comes bouncing back as he’s met with a MENACING, DISASTROUS CLOTHESLINE! Wait – I am wrong! Chris Elite DODGES the clothesline at the very last second and hits Desmond with a knee to the midsection! Chris goes back to the ropes and meets the crouching Desmond with an ax kick! The audience applauds as Chris simply shrugs as he looks into the camera. What a guy! And he quickly goes for the cover!

Referee: ONE!

James Peters: Desmond immediately kicks out!

Rich Russillo: Who is this guy, Jim from the Office?

James Peters: Elite immediately takes a winded Desmond and throws him into the nearest turnbuckle. Elite stands Desmond up and begins to give him stiff kicks to Desmond’s sides! You can see the pain surfacing on Desmond’s face, we can certainly hear the impact from Elite’s legs to Desmond’s skin from all the way over here! We’re wincing too! Elite stands back and begins to taunt the crowd as they, too, cheer in favor of Mr. Blicky. BUT DON’T BLINK, RICH, DESMOND TAKES ADVANTAGE AND HITS ELITE WITH A FURIOUS ELBOW SMASH! This makes Elite stumble on his feet as he touches his jaw, however, anger immediately follows through as he charges towards Desmond! BUT DESMOND STOPS HIM RIGHT ON HIS TRACKS AND HITS ELITE WITH A FLAPJACK! FACE PLANTED RIGHT ON THE MAT! AND THE COVER!

Referee: ONE! TWO!

Rich Russillo: Elite powers out and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon as well. Pitiful!

James Peters: You can visibly see frustration brewing in the face of Desmond Sutcliffe as he positions Chris Elite for a German Suplex. But Chris Elite is fighting this! He is attempting to remove Desmond’s locked arms from his waist and seems to be successful at it! He’s struggling but successfully getting Desmond off of him… The fans are into it and cheering Elite on! BUT DESMOND INTERLOCKS HIS HANDS ONCE MORE AND LIFTS CHRIS ELITE! GERMAN SUPLEX CONNECTS! CHRIS ELITE IS FLUNG IN THE AIR AND LANDS RIGHT ON HIS NECK! Desmond is about to go for the pin but the pro Chris Elite rolls out of the ring from the bottom rope! Chris is attempting to catch his breath as he rubs his neck. Desmond Sutcliffe also rolls out of the ring and is ready to meet Elite right around the corner! DESMOND CHARGES TOWARDS ELITE BUT ELITE ACTS SWIFTLY AND SENDS DESMOND STRAIGHT TO THE STEEL STEPS! DESMOND GOES FACE FIRST ON THE STEPS! HIS FACE HAS BEEN IMPRINTED ONTO THE HARSH STEEL!

Rich Russillo: Desmond is laying face down as Chris quickly rolls back into the ring. I don’t think Chris was expecting the intensity Desmond brings into the squared circle. Even though the impact was harsh, Desmond is beginning to show signs of life as he wiggles his limbs. You got this, Lord!

James Peters: The camera’s are attempting to get a glimpse of Desmond as he is still faced downwards towards the ground. Finally, Desmond lifts his face as he is shown.. Smiling?! Good lord, that grimace, sinister smile. Looks like is thoroughly enjoying what’s happening as he slowly, but gracefully lifts himself up to a seated position. The referee has begun his count a few seconds ago.

Referee: FOUR!

James Peters: Desmond rises to his feet as he stares down the man who just sent him face first into those steps that are scattered all throughout the outside of the ring. Attempting to catch his breath, he smiles and stares at Elite as Elite does the same. Elite is now motioning for him to get back into the ring and to finish this once and for all! The referee is at the seventh count but Desmond climbs on the ring apron and begins to roll his neck in an intimidating fashion. HERE COMES CHRIS ELITE ATTEMPTING TO BUMP DESMOND OFF THE RING APRON BUT DESMOND MOVES TO THE SIDE. ELITE CATCHES HIMSELF AS DESMOND FULLY ENTERS THE RING! Desmond kicks Chris and IS GOING FOR THE DEAD END STREET! NO! CHRIS REVERSES IT AND HITS DESMOND WITH THE ELITE CUTTER! CHRIS FORCES DESMOND TO GET ON HIS FEET AND… LONG KISS GOODNIGHT! THE GERMAN SUPLEX HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED AND NOW CHRIS PLACES DESMOND ON HIS SHOULDERS.. ONE WINGED ANGEL! THE COVER!!



(‘Down and Out’ by Camron ft Kanye’ picks up where it left off as Chris Elite rises to his feet and begins to celebrate. The referee arrives and lifts Elite’s hand in the air declaring him victorious.)


James Peters: What a TREMENDOUS bout we witnessed here tonight, Rich. These two men fought and gave it their all, but at the end of the day, there can only be 1 winner. This man has made himself one step closer to the Welterweight championship!

(The cameras focuses on Chris Elite celebrating his win as the cameras fade to black.)